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Lancaster House Publishing is a leader in providing thoroughly researched information on labour, employment, and human rights law.

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Specially designed for union and management representatives and human resource professionals, as well as lawyers, our conferences provide comprehensive updates on the latest trends and case law in workplace law and labour relations delivered by leading labour lawyers and subject matter experts. Optional workshops accompanying each conference provide the opportunity to explore key topics in more depth with a smaller group led by three experts. Conference attendees receive comprehensive materials that can prove invaluable for later research as well as concise overviews of recent developments in the areas of law covered by the conference.

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Presented in conjunction with institutions renowned for training and educating Canada’s labour relations leaders, our Professional Learning Programs provide labour relations professionals with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to be effective in this ever-changing field.

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The timely and insightful workplace law updates and overviews that you have come to expect from our audio conferences have moved to a webinar format. The visual element will provide a more engaging experience for participants joining from their homes and offices across Canada. Participants who prefer the audio format will still be able to purchase MP3 recordings after the live webinars or dial-in to live sessions via phone. As with our previous audio conferences, these webinars will provide an opportunity to join labour lawyers and subject matter experts discussing contentious, emerging, and perennially important issues in labour, employment, and human rights law.

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It is generally accepted that employers must request no more employee personal health information than is necessary for legitimate purposes such as administering sick leave or disability benefits, providing accommodation under human rights legislation, or ensuring workplace health and safety. However, the application of this principle to specific cases generates endless controversy because employers, employees, health care providers, and unions often each have their own ideas of what is “reasonable.” This session is designed to provide a common framework that will enable workplace parties to balance employees’ privacy rights with employers’ needs for employee personal health information.

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Lancaster House is Canada’s leading publisher of texts, serials and reference works in the field of labour, employment and human rights law. Regularly relied upon by courts, arbitrators and tribunals, Lancaster’s books, loose-leaf services, journal series and online publications have earned an unparalleled reputation for their expert commentary and analysis. They provide authoritative guidance to a wide variety of readers with a professional or personal interest in the area, including human resources personnel, union officials, labour and employment counsel, labour relations advisers, negotiators, and contract administrators.

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First Resortâ„¢ is Lancaster’s new comprehensive resource for labour and employment law. First Resortâ„¢ organizes articles that summarize and analyse key labour and employment law decisions into twenty-one different databases, each of which covers a discrete area of labour law. Your subscription to First Resortâ„¢ allows you to search archived articles (of those databases to which you subscribe) dating back to 1997 and provides access to full-text decisions. When a database to which you subscribe is updated with new summaries and commentary, you will be notified immediately via Lancaster’s new eAlert system. If you would like to manage the delivery of your eAlerts.

Lancaster House Publishing is your go-to source for reliable, authoritative information


Our team of experienced researchers and legal experts are dedicated to providing timely and accurate information, analysis, and commentary on the latest developments in labor and employment law. We pride ourselves on being a trusted source of information for our clients, delivering comprehensive coverage of key legal issues and practical guidance on how to navigate complex workplace challenges.

With a strong focus on quality, we are committed to ensuring that our publications, conferences, and online resources are of the highest standard. Whether you are looking for in-depth analysis of legal trends, practical advice on employment law compliance, or expert guidance on workplace human rights issues, Lancaster House Publishing is your go-to source for reliable, authoritative information.

Join our community of professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest legal developments in labor, employment, and human rights law. Explore our wide range of publications, attend our industry-leading conferences and workshops, and access our online resources to enhance your knowledge and skills. Trust us to help you navigate the complex world of labor and employment law.